I am currently offering Drunk Brunette, Rich Bitch, and Danger Kitty on my permanent menu.

I can also create custom treats. Contact me with your desires and let’s see what we can come up with.

These babies are thick and rich and dense. A little goes a long way! I cut them into squares that give you two or three generous bites. About the size of a mini muffin, but square.

~~~ Minimum bake-to-order is two dozen of a single variety for $30 ~~~

~~~ Beyond the first two dozen, the price is $1 each. Add on as many as you like. ~~~

Contact me to place your order. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

I occasionally have treats in available in smaller amounts, or hold a pop-up bake shop.

While these smaller quantities are “as available only” (not bake-to-order), when I do have them for sale, prices are as follows:

Solo: One square for $2

Threesome: Three for $5

Bakers Dozen: Lucky thirteen for $20

Beyond the first dozen: $1 each

My treats are super fresh when they get to you, and they have staying power. Keep them well-wrapped at room temperature for a few days or more; even longer in the fridge (warm up in the oven or microwave, or just let them sit out awhile if you want them softer.) And, they freeze REALLY well! So get plenty and have them anytime you want.

Contact: carol @

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